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  • Bio Ingredients Technology!
  • Renewed Skin!
  • Reverse age!
  • Come back the young and beautiful you!
Bio Ingredients Technology!
Renewed Skin!
Reverse age!
Come back the young and beautiful you!


So I have been using the cleansing bar for 2 months now and I've really seen a decrease in blackheads on my face! Also my skin is more moisturized. Thanks to the combined effect of the cleansing bar and their silk treatment mask. I would recommend these two products to anyone who would want a better skin or care about their skin condition. 

Sanjay Siva

First Love Silk Treatment Mask is really different as compared to others masks I've tried before. It makes my skin softer, brighter & moist. 

Yvonne Tay

I did a 3 sheets per day mask challenge. "I'm a breastfeeding mom"( harmless for breastfeeding mom & pregnant women) and I used the silk treatment mask at the right side of my face only to see the effects! First it smells nice and it's super soft. After the 1 sheet mask. I can tell you right now that my face feels firmer and tighter. And looking in the mirror I can see that my face is slightly lifted and my eyebags are gone now. You can't see clearly in the video but you will see the difference in real life. So how much more if you use this as your skincare regime. Aside from that it has lots of benefits from the product itself. Must Try Mommies!. 

Yukie.Elurra IG name

Diamond Face by MerryLife is a great product brand. Helps my son with his pimples & acne. His skin is much better now & he is more confident when meeting people.       

The silky treatment mask is fantastic. My skin feels wonderfully soft like baby skin. It doesn't dry the skin and it makes your skin glow. Also reduces your fine lines and dark spots amongst other things. I highly recommend MerryLife products.

Salwa Othman

I totally fell in love with this small little soap, It so small that I couldn't believe the wonder it creates. I was complacent with my skin complexion and refused to try until lately I started to experienced flare up of eczema (skin disease/problems) and I find it irritating as commercial products doesn't seem to solve my issues. After being ask to try it out , since things are bad so nothing can be worst. So I give it a try! I was totally amazed after using for the first 7 days, the skin detoxification and the healing crisis stage is all normal (if you experienced breakouts due to cleaning your skin after that you will no longer experience skin problems as continue of using it) because it cleans your skin. So continue applying the soap on your affected areas. After, it will gone your skin problems. The result, totally  awed me with no words! I will continue with the ganoderma soap and will also encourage my surrounding friends to try and use it too!.

Minnie Jenn

What I loved about the facial "white strawberry serum" silk treatment mask; its super light weight on my face, it helps disappear my skin allergies-dark marks due to very sensitive skin face & I noticed the "face lift effect" (tightens & firms up the skin). It also treat my milia under my eyes as continue of using it. It whitens and moisturize my skin which resulting to soft skin like a baby skin.

Jem Infante

I have been using diamond face cleansing bar for almost 2 weeks now. I noticed that my skin feels softer and smoother. I so LOVE IT! It saves me time because I don't need a different product to remove the cosmetics that I use. With just one wash, the diamond face cleansing bar removes dirt and make up leaving my skin fresh, healthy and glowing! Yeah, its a mini soap yet it last longer than I expected. My skin feels soft and clean after WASH. Good bye stubborn make up! 

Natasha, RN & Business Woman

With the facial silk treatment mask my skin was glowing. I felt my pores close, my face felt tighter and smoother. The mask itself had a light and feel to it. I would definitely include this in my routine! 

Bianca Co, Painter & Artist

The facial silk mask is super cool ng feeling sa face, it makes my skin relax and it really smells so good! Yun sweet ang amoy na parang gusto mo rin kainin. (kidding aside) Nagandahan ko sa sheet mask na to is hindi natatangal sa face at kumakapit talaga since silk  mask (manipis) siya hindi kagaya ng iba nag bubbles at nag fall off yun ibang brand ng facial mask.  The result is superb! Parang wala lang ako nilagay sa face ko kasi super light weight. First ko na noticed is nag moisturized talaga yun face ko at nag tighten yun skin ko na may face lift effect ang dating. This facial silk treatment mask is must have! Especially for all moms out there like me. 

Elizabeth, a housewife & mother of 2.

Bio Ingredients Technology

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